Matthew Carmody

Dr Simon Journeaux

Dr Simon Journeaux gained his medical degree from the University of London (UK)... Read more

John Radovanovic

Dr John Radovanovic

Dr John Radovanovic completed his medical degree at the University of NSW in 1999...Read more

Chris Allan

Dr Anubhav Sathu

Dr Anubhav Sathu is a New Zealand trained Orthopaedic Surgeon... Read more

Chris Allan

Dr Chris Allan

Dr Chris Allan attained his primary medical degree at The University of Queensland... Read more

Dr Emma Clarkson

Dr Emma Clarkson

Dr Emma Clarkson is a Breast and Endocrine Surgeon with a special interest in...Read more

Dr jan Paul Rotinen Diaz

Dr Jan Paul Rotinen Diaz

Dr Jan Paul Rotinen Diaz has been a Rehabilitation Physician...Read more

Dr Owen Jenkins

Dr Owen Jenkins

Dr Owen Jenkins is a Queensland trained Orthopaedic surgeon... Read more

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Admission Information

Admission Information Guide (PDF - 1.6MB)

Surgical Consent Forms

ACL Avulsion Fracture (PDF - 20KB)

Ankle Arthroscopy (PDF - 21KB)

Ankle Fracture - Parent (PDF - 21KB)

Ankle Fracture (PDF - 36KB)

Bilateral Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Bilateral Mid Head Hip Replacement (PDF - 24KB)

Birmingham Hip Replacement (PDF - 24KB)

Calcaneal Fractures (PDF - 22KB)

Cannulated Hip Screws (PDF - 23KB)

Classic Hip Screw (PDF - 31KB)

Clavicle Fracture (PDF - 22KB)

Complex Total Hip Replacement (PDF - 23KB)

Debridement of Hip (PDF - 23KB)

EUA Foot (PDF - 20KB)

Femur Periprosthetic (PDF - 23KB)

Femur (PDF - 23KB)

Forarm ORIF (PDF - 21KB)

Hemi-Arthroplasty (PDF - 23KB)

Hip Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Hip Fixation (PDF - 22KB)

Humerus ORIF (PDF - 22KB)


Informed Financial Consent for Adult Trauma (PDF - 50KB)

Informed Financial Consent for Paediatric Trauma (PDF - 53KB)

Left Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Ligament Avulsion Fracture Thumb (PDF - 20KB)

Metacarpal (PDF - 20KB)

Metatarsal (PDF - 20KB)

Mid Head Resection (PDF - 24KB)

MUA Ankle (PDF - 19KB)

MUA Wrist & Forearm (PDF - 20KB)

Olecranon (PDF - 22KB)

Pelvis (PDF - 21KB)

Phalanx (PDF - 20KB)

Prophylactic Nailing of Femur (PDF - 26KB)

Prophylactic Nailing (PDF - 22KB)

Proximal Humerus ORIF (PDF - 21KB)

Radial Head (PDF - 22KB)

Radius (PDF - 23KB)

Rev THR (PDF - 23KB)

Rev TKR (PDF - 25KB)

Right Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Subtrochanteric Fracture (PDF - 24KB)

Supracondylar Fracture (PDF - 21KB)

Tibia (PDF - 22KB)

Tibial Osteotomy (PDF - 21KB)

Tibial Plateau (PDF - 47KB)

Toe ORIF (PDF - 20KB)

Ulna (PDF - 23KB)

Wrist (PDF - 23KB)