Chris Allan

Dr Chris Allan

Dr Chris Allan attained his primary medical degree at The University of Queensland... Read more

Dr Trent Cross

Dr Trent Cross

Dr Trent Cross is a general surgeon with a special interest in acute... Read more

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550 Stanley Street, South Brisbane, 4101


Admission Information

Admission Information Guide (PDF - 1.6MB)

Surgical Consent Forms

ACL Avulsion Fracture (PDF - 20KB)

Ankle Arthroscopy (PDF - 21KB)

Ankle Fracture - Parent (PDF - 21KB)

Ankle Fracture (PDF - 36KB)

Bilateral Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Bilateral Mid Head Hip Replacement (PDF - 24KB)

Birmingham Hip Replacement (PDF - 24KB)

Calcaneal Fractures (PDF - 22KB)

Cannulated Hip Screws (PDF - 23KB)

Classic Hip Screw (PDF - 31KB)

Clavicle Fracture (PDF - 22KB)

Complex Total Hip Replacement (PDF - 23KB)

Debridement of Hip (PDF - 23KB)

EUA Foot (PDF - 20KB)

Femur Periprosthetic (PDF - 23KB)

Femur (PDF - 23KB)

Forarm ORIF (PDF - 21KB)

Hemi-Arthroplasty (PDF - 23KB)

Hip Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Hip Fixation (PDF - 22KB)

Humerus ORIF (PDF - 22KB)


Informed Financial Consent for Adult Trauma (PDF - 50KB)

Informed Financial Consent for Paediatric Trauma (PDF - 53KB)

Left Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Ligament Avulsion Fracture Thumb (PDF - 20KB)

Metacarpal (PDF - 20KB)

Metatarsal (PDF - 20KB)

Mid Head Resection (PDF - 24KB)

MUA Ankle (PDF - 19KB)

MUA Wrist & Forearm (PDF - 20KB)

Olecranon (PDF - 22KB)

Pelvis (PDF - 21KB)

Phalanx (PDF - 20KB)

Prophylactic Nailing of Femur (PDF - 26KB)

Prophylactic Nailing (PDF - 22KB)

Proximal Humerus ORIF (PDF - 21KB)

Radial Head (PDF - 22KB)

Radius (PDF - 23KB)

Rev THR (PDF - 23KB)

Rev TKR (PDF - 25KB)

Right Knee Arthroscopy (PDF - 22KB)

Subtrochanteric Fracture (PDF - 24KB)

Supracondylar Fracture (PDF - 21KB)

Tibia (PDF - 22KB)

Tibial Osteotomy (PDF - 21KB)

Tibial Plateau (PDF - 47KB)

Toe ORIF (PDF - 20KB)

Ulna (PDF - 23KB)

Wrist (PDF - 23KB)