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Dr Chris Allan

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Dr Trent Cross

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550 Stanley Street, South Brisbane, 4101

Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Fourth Floor Surgery treats each patient as an individual with unique health care needs. This information explains your rights and responsibilities as a patient at Fourth Floor Surgery.

As a patient at Fourth Floor Surgery you have a right:

  • to be treated with respect, dignity, care, consideration, courtesy and understanding of your individual religious, emotional, social, physical and cultural needs
  • to be involved in the planning of your continuing health care needs
  • to be informed as to services available at Fourth Floor Surgery or in the community that you can access
  • to have a family member or nominated person present when you receive information about your medical condition
  • to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the possible medical consequences of doing so
  • to be informed of the names and roles of key health care providers and be able to refuse a particular health care provider at any time
  • to have access (with advance notice) to a confidential interpreter service
  • to be informed about hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, prosthesis, pharmaceutical, pathology and other fees likely to be incurred should you proceed with treatment
  • to refuse to take part in clinical training or medical research without reason
  • to have your medical history and personal information kept confidential to the extent allowed by law
  • to receive an itemised final account from Fourth Floor Surgery for services within Fourth Floor Surgery control
  • to express an opinion or make reasonable verbal or written complaints regarding any aspect of your care, treatment or services you feel are below a reasonable expectation.

As a patient of Fourth Floor Surgery you, or your authorised representative, have a responsibility:

  • to give practice staff as much information as you can about your health and any cultural or religious beliefs that may affect your care
  • to give Fourth Floor Surgery accurate information about your personal and health details including past and present treatment and medications, including recreational drugs and natural remedies
  • to be well informed about your condition and proposed treatment, before you give consent to any procedure
  • to keep the agreed treatment plan and discuss any necessary changes
  • to consider the consequences of refusing to comply with instructions and recommendations
  • to inform staff if you are having any problems or reactions to the treatment or the medicines being taken
  • to inform staff if you have an Advance Health Directive/enduring Power of Attorney which includes health care instructions before or at the time of consenting to treatment which might be relevant to the directives
  • to understand that there may be a reason why a service is not available at a particular time
  • to tell staff if you change your contact details
  • to be on time for appointments and let staff know in advance if you need to cancel
  • to finalise in a timely fashion any accounts relating to your medical treatment
  • to be considerate and respect of the confidentiality, privacy and wellbeing of others including staff, patients, visitors. Please ask your visitors to be considerate
  • to show respect for Fourth Floor Surgery property
  • to take responsibility for your personal belongings.